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Bethany Beach Lamaze

The Yellow Beach House
A Tribute from Bethany Tietz (Marylou's daughter)

Bethany Beach LamazeThoughts of the Yellow Beach house make me smile. My parents bought this wonderful icon in 1978, when I was two, and my life has never been the same. The Yellow Beach House has a character like none other. Warm and welcoming, it has always been open to all. Growing up spending summers there, the door was continuously open, hosting friends and family practically every weekend. I have many wonderful memories of fun times spent with relatives and visitors in the comfort of the greatest beach house ever. Perfect meals on the porch combine with the cool breezes, magnificent sun and salty air for a complete feel of relaxation and beach bliss. The house is an easy barefoot walk to the beach for a quick swim or a lazy day of sunbathing and reading. The quaint downtown area of Bethany Beach is right around the corner, with many unique stores and beach style restaurants, as well as miniature golf! I cannot think of a more perfect place!


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Bethany Beach Lamaze

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Bethany Beach Lamaze