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Bethany Beach Lamaze"We really enjoyed the class. Marylou is very knowledgeable about Lamaze. Her idea of a bed and breakfast at Bethany Beach is an awesome concept. The meals were delicious and the entire setting was a wonderful experience. The coffee cake was especially delicious!"

Martina & Steve

Bethany Beach Lamaze"What an awesome Lamaze getaway! We'll remember this weekend forever! We learned so much and can't wait until our big day! We'll have your soothing inspiring voice in our heads as we try this natural labor thing! We both feel more comfortable about the whole labor process. The thought of natural labor seems very do-able now!"

Moira & Damian

Bethany Beach Lamaze"Great personalized instruction. Marylou is amazing as a teacher...articulate, warm and understanding. We got through an incredible amount of material and now feel so much better prepared. Fabulous! Thanks so much for the confidence and knowledge to give birth, the comfort and ease of the beach and the wonderful meals. You've spoiled us and we've loved our time here with you."

Fran & Will

Bethany Beach Lamaze"Thank you for a lovely weekend. We enjoyed every minute and are so grateful that you offer childbirth classes in such a unique and perfect format! We can't wait to put everything you taught us to good use!"

Amanda & Mike

Bethany Beach Lamaze"We can't thank you enough for the absolutely fantastic weekend and preparation. We enjoyed every minute in this beautiful setting. You have given us such individualized attention tailored to us and the birth we are hoping for. What great calm and support you bring to this journey!" Julia "As a doctor myself this was a great refresher. It far exceeded my expectations! Fabulous!" Scott

Julia & Scott

"Thanks for a wonderful B 'n B at B.B. Great class, wonderful instructor, lovely weekend, wonderful food and environment. What a satisfying, informative, delicious few days. Thanks for the experience!"

Kathy & Toby

"Thank you so much for teaching us to have confidence about our upcoming childbirth adventure. We so enjoyed your hospitality and the relaxing environment. I can't think of a better way to do this. Keep up the good work!"

Dinah & Patrick

"Thanks so much for your warmth and hospitality. Your guidance has given us so much more hope and confidence for our coming birth experience. You are truly a godsend!"

 Amy & Israel


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Bethany Beach Lamaze

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Bethany Beach Lamaze